Monday, September 28, 2009

What are we thinking?

14 miles
38 degrees

This morning was a cold one and I knew it would be. I dressed well so only my hands and feet where cold and Mike shows up again in shorts and a jersey. At one point he told me that his hands and feet stopped hurting and felt fine now. Sounds like frostbite to me. I hope not! Anyway, I think we have both decided that we've had enough cold and dark rides but we are stubborn so we are holding out until the end of the month. Come October we will start riding during lunch, and I can sleep in my warm bed a little longer.

We went for a short ride this morning since lately the sun doesn't rise until we finish. We headed out through Billings on Lewis and cut down 19th down to King and crossed the Freeway to catch Frontage Road to head back. Since I was prepared, I wasn't too cold but my legs sure did not want to work and I had a hard time talking and breathing with that cold air rushing into my lungs. I am not ready for winter!

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