Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Mike called last night and I smugly told him to be ready for hills, his favorite. Since I didn't ride yesterday (drove to Great Falls) I thought I would be fresh and rearing to go. I was wrong. I was so stinkin' tired that I struggled to keep up with Mike. I think he added a couple extra scoops of sugar to his Wheaties this morning. We took off up South Billings Boulevard, turned on Hillcrest and rode out to the end of the pavement. I just wasn't feeling it this morning, plus my bike seemed off and I couldn't figure out what it was. Mike beat me to the end of the pavement and we both turned around. All of the sudden Mike is gone, up ahead of me 1/2 a mile or so. I'm thinking, "Who is this guy? He's not the same guy I've been riding with all summer."

In an attempt to gain back some of the lead, I bolted down the last hill and was ready to blow through the stop sign at South Billings Boulevard when I saw six vehicles flying down the road right where I needed to be. I grabbed my brakes hard and skid to a stop right before the intersection. Well, Mike's gone now. No way I'm catching up.

I started pedaling again and noticed that my bike is really responding differently now so I give it good bounce and feel my rim hit the ground. Yep, the tire is flat. I'd checked it before I left and tested the tires a few times as I rode but I couldn't tell if it was flat or not but I knew something was off. So much for my new Kevlar lined tires. I think I had great visions of riding over thumb tacks and broken glass without incident when I bought these things. Looks like its going to be the same routine. I've got it down though. I can change a tire in my sleep now. I hope they finish the road construction by my house soon. I'm sure its to blame for most of my flats.

Now I could say that Mike cleaned my clock only because I had a flat this morning but I am just spent today, no energy left at all after trying to keep up with him. I'm going to count it up to that nitrous-oxide he added to his cereal before the ride. That and the free ride up the hill he got from grabbing hold of my jersey!

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