Saturday, September 12, 2009


I went for an early Saturday morning ride with a few buddies this morning up on the rims. Mike, Nathan, Spence, and Ed came along. Nothing too exciting happened this morning. I chickened out and didn't drop off the rock this time. I watched Nathan do it again and he looked a little shaky and almost got bucked off the bike. This was Ed's first time riding that trail and first time on a mountain bike in several years. We told him about this rock but he got ahead of us at one point and was first to the rock. Not knowing that it was there, he took it and went right off the face of it. He "cleaned" it. However he did take a few spills at other points in the ride.
It was fun to ride with a bigger group although Mike, Nathan and I can really fly through the trail in no time. We might try it again next week. Hopefully we'll have more time and try the trail on the other side of Zimmerman.

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