Wednesday, September 23, 2009


14 miles
about 45 degrees

As I struggled to wake up this morning between snoozes on the alarm, I had a semi-conscious dream of riding but I could hardly move. It was actually more of a sensation than a dream. It was as if I were riding one of those spin bikes at the gym with the resistance all the way up. I think it was probably because I adjusted the brakes just a hair to tight the other night and at the beginning of yesterday's ride, they rubbed ever so slightly. It seemed to work itself out before I even met up with Mike so I just left it alone but I've been paranoid about the brakes nevertheless. Anyway, I've had similar dreams/sensations before of trying to run and my body just won't move and the classic falling off a cliff dream where you are powerless to do anything about your situation and not awake enough to just snap out of it. This was my first bike dream experience though. At least I wasn't changing flat tires in my dreams.

This morning was another cold one although not as cold as yesterday. This time I put on a heavier shirt, wool socks, and booties (covers that go over the shoes to block wind and water) in addition to the leggings, shorts and jacket that I wore yesterday. It was much more tolerable and I was able to enjoy the ride a little more this morning. Mike, however, still showed up with nothing but shorts and a jersey. I feel like a wuss riding with him but I don't like the cold, especially first thing in the morning. I get used to it and can tolerate commuting to work in -20 degree weather with the roads iced over, but I don't enjoy it. I had frost bite on my hands twice last year and don't intend to make a tradition out of it. So I dress for the weather, and if I sweat, so be it. Its better than being cold.

The ride was pretty uneventful this morning. No traffic mishaps, no deer chasing, no flats and no accidents. Just a nice ride through the city streets. We had a good conversation this morning and the ride was over before I knew it. I even got home in time to take the girls to the bus stop. Remember what I was wearing? It gets worse. I was self conscious about the bike shorts and black leggings but didn't have time to change so I threw on a pair of khaki shorts over the bike shorts and put on a pair of white tennis shoes. Classy!

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