Sunday, November 11, 2012

Look at me!

I'm not one that typically screams for attention but when it comes to riding at night, I like to be seen (as opposed to the alternative of not being seen and getting run over).  Several months ago Sarah brought home some reflective spray paint and with the end of Daylight Savings pushing my evening commute into darkness, I finally got around to coating my bike with the reflective paint.  I removed most of the parts and components from my bike that were easy and quick to remove, washed the frame and then proceeded to spray on four coats of reflective paint. 

Here's a picture of the painting in progress.

And this is the bike completed.  It's not as bright as I hoped it would be but if it helps me to be more visible, it's worth it.  Plus the extra coats of paint can't hurt to protect it for winter.

I'm almost ready for winter.  I haven't put my studded tires on yet because I'm anticipating the snow to melt off the roads tomorrow afternoon.  Otherwise, bring it on!