Thursday, September 10, 2009

Riverfront Park

We are quickly running out of daylight in the mornings. I've had a lot of fun riding this summer so its frustrating to think its coming to an end. But hey, I'll be able to sleep a little longer.

Anyway, after the MS ride, Mike and I have been riding more for pleasure rather than training. We decided to go for another mountain bike ride this morning. When I told Sarah, she asked "mountain biking? Two days in a row?" and I just responded "We are riding for fun now." And it has been. Today we rode the trails at Riverfront Park. We tried to ride East along the river but we kept running out of trail. At some points the trail was so overgrown that we had to plow our way through the grass and brush. At other points the trail was so sandy we just couldn't ride anymore. We turned around several times and found more trails to ride. There are trails all over the park.

As we rode down one of the trails, I came to a screeching halt as the trail disappeared in a small clearing. I looked up to see a deer about 15 feet away from me. It quickly scurried off into the thicket. Another trail ended at the river bank where we saw 6 deer swim across the river to the other side. They probably didn't like us disturbing their peaceful morning graze in the park.

As time ran out, we rode back towards some familiar trails. We had a blast as we flew down the trail, ducking for limbs and sliding through turns. One day we are going to hit a deer sitting on the trail, or worse, another group of riders coming from the opposite direction. There's not much visibility on some of these trails with all of the trees and turns.

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