Monday, September 28, 2009

Grand Teton National Park

Ok, no rides to report on since I've spent the last several days in Grant Teton National Park participating in the Yellowstone Business Partnership Uncommon Sense program. I went with a co-worker and brought my family. I even considered bringing my bike but didn't feel that I'd have much time to actually ride except Friday morning when it was forcasted in the 30's. Not my idea of a fun ride through Teton Nat'l Park.

Anyway, the conference was great. We discussed transportation issues and climate change and I came away from it with some really great information. It was actually a great setting, being in a picturesque place and discussing how to preseve it. There was a forest fire on the other side of Jackson Lake that we observed for the three days that we were there. It was interesting to me that with all the destruction that the fire was creating, it was a natural process that would eventually bring new life to the forest. Much of the harm and destruction to our planet caused by human actions is irreversible (and possibly catostrophic) unless we react now. It was an eye opener for me, even though I was already a believer in the cause.

Anyway, enough of the preaching because that is not what I set up this blog to do. Saturday morning we drove around the park for some field trips of various sites and then headed home. As we drove around we discovered a great bike path that went around Jenny Lake and down quite a ways towards Jackson. I think that Sarah and I will have to ditch the kids and go for a ride down there some day. I wish Yellowstone would provide a similar path. As much as I want to ride Yellowstone, I'm nervous of the narrow roads and the traffic.

More to come on the Grand Teton Trip on Tree Squirrels.

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