Monday, May 31, 2010


15 Miles (I think?)
Riverfront Park

Well, this morning my back was feeling about 75% (much better than yesterday) so I decided to go for a ride at Riverfront Park.  Since it's Memorial Day I had as much time as I wanted to goof around and I took advantage of it.  I think I did about 15 miles, my computer read 11 miles but I noticed that it wasn't reading several times and I went much further than usual.  I need to look into the bike computer issue a little and figure out what's going on.

So anyway, I had a great ride and explored some areas that I'm not as familiar with.  At the beginning of my ride, one of my pedals hit the ground throwing my bike into an uncontrollable wobble.  Both feet unclipped and flew from the pedals.  I thought I was going down.  I was able to recover (glad no one saw it) and was surprised that I didn't rack my back any more than it was.

I got lost several times over by the river and finally made it over to Norm's Island.  There were lots of people there so I just passed the island and kept going.  It was a fun ride and by the time I got home my back was feeling 85-90%.  Then I went to Lowes and installed my front door at home.  Back to 75%.

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