Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Road Ridin'

15 Miles
I brought my road bike today in anticipation of doing a road ride with a friend who stood me up, he shall remain nameless.  Anyway, I took advantage of the oportunity and cranked over to the bottom of Zimmerman Trail and spun my pedals mindlessly until I reached the top, huffin' and puffin' the whole way.  At some point near the top I glanced back and noticed another cyclist gaining on me.  I wasn't about to let him pass so I kicked it into high-gear at the top and instead of resting I booked it back to 27th Street along Airport Road.  Four miles later I was still ahead but losing ground.  I checked my computer and decided that I hadn't done enough mileage yet so when I got to 27th Street I pulled off the road and hopped onto the Black Otter Trail.  Just then the other cyclist wizzed by on Airport Road.  I held him off, not my fault he wasn't going the same place as me.

The wind really picked up on the Black Otter Trail and I fought it the whole way.  At least it was mostly downhill.  I was able to hit 30 mph on 6 Ave. on my way back to the office because of the tail wind though.

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