Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deer in the headlights

11 Miles
Two Moon Park

Seriously, I don't know how those creatures survive.  Today as I was riding through Two Moon Park, I came across 3 does standing on the trail.  How I keep sneaking up on these animals while I'm thrashing through the woods is beyond me.  I came flying around a tree and see them standing frozen on the trail.  I hit my brakes and make even more noise.  They still wouldn't move.  I came to a slow stop five feet away from the closest one before she snapped out of her trance and took off into the trees.  I know Two Moon Park is hardly the wild but there is a mountain lion that is supposed to frequent the area (according to a Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks ranger).  I am really shocked that these animals haven't fallen to extinction through their own stupidity.  Do they freeze when a predator surprises them as well?  ...Or maybe they are just thrill seekers playing an extreme game of chicken...

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