Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Road Work

16.25 Miles
49 degrees
Destination:  North of Lockwood

Yeah, I should probably quit telling the temperature.  If I'm out in shorts and a short sleeve shirt, well, who cares.

I decided to go for an easy ride to rack up some mileage since I'm tired and ol' Skippy isn't working right.  I headed out toward Lockwood and took the turn going North of the town.  As I approached North Frontage Road, I found that the road was closed and I'd have to take the detour leading into the Exxon Mobile refinery.  Limited on my options, I decided to take the detour.  It was all smooth sailing until I hit the refinery where the road turned into alligator scales and pot holes but it eventually lead back to the frontage road.  Honestly, I didn't even think the road was going to be paved the whole way so I felt lucky.

I traveled on doing a loop north of town around the I-90 and 1-94 junction.  Sounds lovely right!  I hardly noticed the freeways.   As I was coming back, I hit the headwind and Skippy started acting up again.  Then the road turned to a gravely mess.  I don't know what they were doing but there was a good layer of gravel over the entire paved road, only the tire ruts showed the asphalt below.  I stuck to the ruts as best I could and eventually made it to an intersection where I could catch the frontage road and head back to work.

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