Friday, March 19, 2010

El ciclista loco

11-12 Miles
29 Degrees
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this cyclist from the swift completion of his appointed (or chosen) rounds.

It was snowing this morning and coming down hard.  Not much stuck because the ground has thawed but it was definately not what I wanted to see on my morning commute to work.  Maybe I've been spoiled after two weeks of short sleeve weather but I really griped this morning about the cold and snow.  A month ago, 30 degree weather and only a light dusting of snow on the roads would have been eagerly welcomed.

Anyway, lunch time rolled around and I really wanted to go for a ride but liked the comfort of my nice, warm sweater inside the office.  I finally decided to man up and give it a go.  I gear up with base layer, jogging pants and my nylon jacket.   This would be my coldest and longest "for fun" ride to date and although I know how to dress while commuting in this kind of weather, I had no idea how to dress for a real ride.  I think I pegged it.  I didn't get too cold and I did not  sweat profusely.  My fingers and toes went numb but they did not freeze.  I debated weather to take the nylon jacket or just use the base layer.  I ended up taking it thinking I could dump it at home if I was too hot by the time I passed the house.  I was glad I had it even though it crinkled with the cold.

I decided to go to Riverfront Park for the first time this year.  I expected it to be a little muddy but no ice and snow.  I was almost right.  There was still some lingering ice and snow but it didn't slow me too much.  I stayed to the main trails thinking they'd be in better condition.  It was a good ride.  I only got lost once.


AliJ said...

El ciclista loco--my Spanish is rusty, but that means the crazy cyclist-right?

Russ said...

That is correct.

AliJ said...

That's pretty fitting :)