Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello old friend

10 1/2 miles
43 degrees

There was an article in the Gazette today stating that our long winter streak of continuously having snow on the ground is officially over.  The streak lasted 89 days.  Now, I know there is plenty of snow left at my house and, as I found out yesterday, at Two Moon Park so I decided to go to where these weather records are being kept, the airport.  One of my favorite trails, the Black Otter Trail, goes past the airport so I decided to give it a shot.

I left during lunch and headed out toward the Black Otter Trail.  As I rounded the corner to the trail head a road barricade with the words "Sidewalk Closed" jumped out in front of me.  The trail was completely iced over as far as I could see.  Along side the trail is a drop off that puts you right onto the street.  Not worth the risk.  Instead, I had to climb up airport road and connect with the trail on top of the rims.  As I climbed on I saw a trail off to my left.  Not knowing where it went but hoping it would take me to the Black Otter Trail, I eagerly veered off the road and stumbled across the bumpy trail.  The trail soon turned to mud and ice and I started to second guess my decision.  I finally turned around when I encountered a gate with a "No Trespassing" sign and figured this trail wasn't worth it. 

Back on Airport Road, I finally came to a trail entrance that put me on the Black Otter at about its mid point.  Feeling cheated, I road down the broken asphalt road next to the trail to the beginning of the paved trail and then turned around to ride the entire thing.  As I expected there was no snow on top of the rims and I had a very nice ride.

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