Thursday, March 4, 2010

A bicycle called Skippy

16 Miles
47 degrees
Destination:  The dump?

Awesome day for riding.  My road bike was feeling left out so I took it out for a ride today.  I inflated the tires and lubed up the chain before I left for work this morning.  I think I need to pay more attention to it though.  As I was riding the chain kept skipping off the rear sprockets until I found the sweet spot in the gearing.  Also any time I shift down from my large ring in the front the chain skips the two smaller cogs and falls off .  I have learned how to catch the chain using my shifter and put it back on the front cogs but it gets old and doesn't always work.  I need to learn to tune-up and adjust my derailleurs because the bike shops never get it right.  Until I figure it out the bike will be known as Skippy.

I took Skippy out for a quick ride this morning because I needed to run an errand for work.  I was on a one way street in the right lane.  As I crossed a set of railroad tracks a mail truck tried to merge into my lane from the shoulder.  Just then an SUV passed me in MY lane.  I thought I was a goner.  The road was practically empty except for the three of us and we all wanted to be in the same place at one time!?!  Come on!  The mail man finally saw me (or the SUV) and swerved back over allowing me to jump out of the SUV's way.  I have to wonder though, how long would it have taken the Paramedics to find me sandwiched between the two vehicles had they actually collided?

Anyway, like I said, its a wonderful day for riding and I took advantage of it during my lunch hour.  I had Skippy so I rode hard and fast.  I decided to ride up Hillcrest Road, just South of town, as far as I could before having to turn around.  Hillcrest Road is just that, hills, steep ones.  My objective was to crest and turn around.  It just so happens that the crest is just beyond the landfill, not a choice destination, but its still quite a nice ride.  I was able to see a dozen deer and a bald eagle in the middle of the day.  Can't go wrong with that.

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