Friday, March 5, 2010

Name my bike

I read last night that a really good bike must have a name.  Yesterday I temporarily named my road bike Skippy because of mechanical problems.  Hopefully that name won't stick long.  But I have never named my mountain bike.  Its a yellow Trek 4300 and I love it.  My friend Mike once referred to it as my Beemer because he thinks of his mountain bike as a weekend toy.  I told him my road bike was more like the Beemer and my mountain bike like an SUV or pickup.  I get to play with it off road on the weekends (or during lunch) but its primary job is getting me to and from work, even in the rain, snow or on ice.  Because of this I feel my mountain bike to be more of a faithful friend or trusty steed, always ready to go anywhere with me.

Here are some ideas:
  1. Old Yeller
  2. Sancho Panza
  3. Tornado (Zorro's horse)
  4. Lightning
  5. Flash
Any other ideas?


Russ said...

I'm now thinking I should name it Old Yeller or Mellow Yellow. If I ever get the road bike working right, I might name it Blackie. I know, real original, but its a reference to Eric Clapton's Frankenstein of a Fender Strat. He took the best parts of three different Strats and put together his perfect guitar and recorded most of his hits with it. That guitar is known as Blackie.

AliJ said...

Randy's bike was named Gary. That's original.

Russ said...

Was it a Gary Fisher bike? I could call mine Trek but I have two Treks so one would get jealous.