Monday, October 26, 2009

Up Coburn Road

12 miles
53 degrees
26 mph winds

I'm trying to squeeze in as many rides as I can before the weather turns sour. This morning was cold so I was expecting a miserable ride at lunch but it warmed up nicely. My bike has been acting up as well and I didn't get a chance to take it in this weekend so I babied it today. I did some climbing but on roads only, no mountain biking. I climbed up Coburn Rd to the TV antennas on top of the rims to the Southeast of Billings, touched the gate where they close the road going down to Pictograph Caves, and turned around. Everything was smooth sailing until I turned around and had to deal with the cross and headwinds. At least I was going downhill most of the way.

On my way down, I turned down Canyon Trail Road, a gravel road thinking it would take me into Lockwood. I flew down the road at 20 mph with loose gravel underneath. It felt like I was riding on slush again, but when a wheel would slip, it would grab again almost instantly. I went down the road about a mile but I couldn't see where it was going because of the rolling hills and the bends in the road. I gave up and turned around to go back to the paved road that I was on. Its a good thing too. I just mapquested the road and it goes nowhere. In fact, I was near the end of it. Anyway, I cruised back down Coburn Road and into town and fought the wind back to the office...And here I sit wishing I were back out there.

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