Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I can feel my fingers again!

9 miles
38 degrees

Mike's back in town so we decided to go for a ride during lunch back down to Two Moon Park to see the Weeping Wall. It was a nice ride. On the way back, however, my bike started acting up again like it was the other day on top of the rims. As I was climbing the final hill, my chain kept popping and skipping. I worked through it by shifting down to the lowest gear and just spun the pedals all the way up the last of the hill. When it leveled out at the top, I tried shifting up when I heard a loud metallic PING! I stopped to check out my gears but didn't see what the problem was. I got back on the bike and took off to catch up to Mike and as I shifted, I heard it again...PING! I'm really confused now and Mike and I tried to figure it out but couldn't see the problem.

As we approached Main Street, Mike bolted and I started mashing pedals to catch up. All of the sudden my feet are flying everywhere and I lost contact with the pedals. When I found the pedals there was no resistance. That's when Mike saw my chain lying on the ground. "Do you have a chain tool?" he asked. "Nope," I replied. I could see it in his face. He was thinking, 'great! I'm going to have to pull this guy back into town or walk back with him.' That's when I pulled out a surprise.

Several weeks ago I found out that a special chain link called a "Power Link" was being recalled and I thought I had it on my bike. The advantage to the special link is that tools are needed to put it on the chain. I took the chain off to get it replaced but found out that mine wasn't being recalled. I tried re-installing it but but couldn't do it, so I put a regular link back in. In the meantime, I'd seen a keychain made from old bike chains and decided to make one and use the special link. I've now had time to practice using the link and had the key chain with me so it was a quick fix and I was back on the road. I think Mike was really impressed.

Bike chain "Power Lock" Push it together to open it and pull it tight to lock it.
My key chain is similar to this with more links and the "Power Lock" above.

Oh, and in regard to the title of this blog, I forgot my long fingered gloves today and it was cold. I showered at work, not because I was sweaty, but because I was freezing.

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