Friday, October 16, 2009

Get it together, Russ

12 miles
48 degrees

I went for a ride during my lunch break but I don't think it was meant to be. I started off by gathering up my stuff and heading to the basement to change. I made to the first floor when I realized that I left my shorts at my desk. I trucked it back up the stairs, got my shorts and went down to the basement. I got completely changed when I noticed that I didn't have my shoes. Being sheepish and not wanting to wander through the building in my lycra shorts and bike jersey, I put my clothes on over my bike gear and climbed the stairs back up to my desk to get my shoes and then back down to the basement to finish getting dressed. Finally, back up the stairs and out the door. By now I'd already lost 10 minutes or so but I guess I still got a workout with all of the stair climbing.

My original intention was to work my way through traffic over to the North end of Lockwood on the country roads and then come back. I couldn't make it that far with the time I lost trying to get my clothes on so I settled for the paved trail system. On my way out I hit a pothole and noticed how low my rear tire was. I kept riding anyway since I was pretty sure I didn't have a flat.

I was really shocked that I was able to fly down the trail at 23 miles an hour and I wasn't really pushing it either. When I turned around I noticed that I'd been going slightly downhill with a tail wind. Now I was fighting the wind, a low tire, and the slight incline. I gave up and finally stopped to pump up my tires. I slipped once and hit my hand pretty hard but didn't think much of it. When I got back to the office, I looked at my hand and my finger was a bloody mess. It doesn't hurt but I somehow peeled the skin off.

So between all of my obstacles, including a few chain malfunctions that I didn't mention, I determined that maybe I shouldn't have gone for a ride today. I should have gone to my continuing education course or gone to lunch with my family since the kids are out of school. I'm tired and still get to look forward to spin class this evening. Yeah!!! (sarcasm)

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