Friday, October 30, 2009

2 Moon Park

9 miles
50 degrees

I took advantage of the nice weather today and went out for another ride during lunch. I decided to go back to Two Moon Park even though my bike is really acting up. I'm taking it in tomorrow. I really babied it today, which is fine because once I got on the bike I realized how sore I was from running last night. I did three miles in under 27 minutes which is big for me since I've never run three miles straight without walking. I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm glad I figured out how to strengthen my running without actually having to run. This cycling thing is pretty cool.

Nothing real exciting or usual happened today on my ride, pretty much the same ride that I've done several times now. I tried to mix it up a little by taking some single track trails when I saw them but I quickly lost most of them and had to turn around back to the main trail. I did find a few good ones but I doubt I could find them on purpose again. It was kind of tricky because my trail would disappear in a field of fallen leaves and I'd have to pick it up on the other side. Either that or the grass had grown over the trail making it too difficult for my busted up bike. I can't wait until I get both bikes fixed up.

At one point, I was pedaling down a trail and had to hit the brakes because there were two dogs and a woman walking up it the other way. No big deal usually but I kept running into her over and over again, and its not a small park. Later, when I saw her, rather than stopping to wait for her and the dogs to pass, I just turned around and found another trail but I quickly ended up on their trail over and over again. Oh well. It forced me to explore more of the park. I think I could bike that park for hours before tiring of it. There are so many small trails all over the place. I'm glad I found it. I just need to get back over to Riverfront park again some time to play there aswell.

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