Wednesday, October 21, 2009


9 miles
44 degrees

So my chain broke again today at the very "Power Link" that was supposedly NOT recalled. I think I'm taking it back anyway and having the bike shop install a new one. I'm not touching it again. I have some shifting/sprocket issues that's driving me nuts as well. It's not bad unless I'm climbing on a trail. Its frustrating because I have to stay in a very low gear while riding because if not, and I get caught off guard with a steep climb, its POP! PING! GRIND! and I'm tired of it.

The actual ride was a good one though. Mike and I took off and climbed 27th Street (not an easy feat) up to Airport Road to get on the Black Otter Trail going the opposite direction that I went the other day. We rode the trail until I found a dirt trail. Man! This trail is incredible. I need to bring a camera. I've never even noticed the rock formations while riding the paved trail but on the dirt trail we rode right through and over them. We had to walk parts because the rock was too steep and running perpendicular to our path with no shelf to ride on. At another point we ended up right on the edge of the rims with only 3 or 4 feet to the ledge. Needless to say, we were a little nervous. We were having a great time, when POP! my chain falls off. I griped enough above so I'll spare you this time. I was able to put the chain back together and we decided to play it safe and take the paved trail back, plus we were running out of time.

On the way down the backside of the rims, I convinced Mike that my chain could handle the single track trail down to the bottom that I found the other day. (I'm not sure my rims can though). We took it and at the bottom we came to several drops. I rode the brakes, hung back over the saddle and dropped off. The next thing I know, I have cleared it but I'm behind and below the saddle pretty close to the tire and instinctively pulled myself back up. It was pretty cool. I didn't know I could do that. We made it back down to the road and Mike found another steep shortcut. It was a really fun shortcut with some steep rock faces. Steep enough that I could never get up them.

Besides the chain, it was a really fun ride. A keeper in my books!

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