Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gail force winds

8.5 Miles
Chilly, rainy, and windy enough to blow you over

Sarah and I saw Mike and Marcia on Monday and Mike decided he wanted to do a ride during lunch so we ventured out today.  I had no idea how windy it was or I would have insisted on a different route but we decided to do the Black Otter Trail on top of the rims.  Now, if you remember, this is Mike who always complains that 'my feet don't see hills' and we climbed for the majority of the ride.  I smoked him and felt a little bad about it but he was in a hurry so I tried to push him a little.  We did get a chance to visit, shouting through the 30 mph winds.  We finally finished the climb and turned down 27th Street to go back to our offices.  I hopped on my bike and start pedaling while Mike took full advantage of the new tail wind and steep down hill slope and zipped right past me.  I wasn't going to let up so easily and took off after him passing at 48 mph.  I then tucked in behind a minivan to ride out the rest of the hill.  Of course, what do I see next?  Mike is not only passing me, but passing the minivan in the left lane going atleast 45 mph.  I got up behind him and followed him down the hill passing two more vehicles.  When he started weaving in and out of traffic I decided that was too much for me.  I do have a family to provide for after all.  When I caught up with him and told him how insane he was for passing a vehicle at 48 mph, he busted up laughing for the next three blocks.  He still won't believe me that we were going that fast.  I clocked a new maximum speed on my bike computer today.  I'll have to take a photo and post it.

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