Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Only in Montana

10 Miles
41 Degrees

I took advantage of the good weather yesterday (something that is lacking today) and went for a ride down to Two Moon Park.  As I rode over on the paved bike path, I came up behind a woman walking a horse.  Not wanting to spook the horse, I approached slowly and then quitely announced my presence.  The horse was aware of me long before it's owner and started dancing on the path while its owner tried to calm it down.  So who walks a horse on a paved bicycle path anyway, especially one as jumpy as this one?  I've been on bike paths in 11 states (most with rollerblades) and this is the first time I've encountered a horse.  Only in Montana.

Anyway, I made it around the horse without getting kicked in the head and made my way down to Two Moon Park.  No wildlife yesterday but plenty of people and dogs.  Still I had a great time and it felt like my break was over too quickly.  As I was riding, I started to hear an awful racket coming from my saddle bag.  I opened it up and found hex wrenches scattered all over.  I have a pocket wrench tool that I keep in my bag in case I break down.  All the bouncing on the trail caused one of the bolts to come undone and spill my hex wrenches all over the place.  Of course, I can fix my bike with the tools on hand but I now can't fix the tools to fix my bike.  It requires two separate hex wrenches.  Hopefully this never happens when I actually need to use the hex wrenches.

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