Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thar she blows

Sarah and I have met up for lunch for the last three days to attemp rollerblading and biking with Evie in the stroller or trailer.  Unfortunatelly the weather has not cooperated with us.  On Tuesday Sarah and I met up to go rollerblading on the Black Otter Trail on top of the rims with Evie in the stroller.  It was overcast and chilly but it looked like the rain may hold out long enough for us to finish.  Boy were we wrong.  We made it to the end of the trail when the rain started coming down.  We were pretty wet and cold by the time we finished.  Yesterday was bright and sunny so wet met up at the house to go for a bike ride. 

Sarah had Evie in the trailer behind her bike.  We took the Heritage Trail all the way to the Heights with a strong cross wind.  By the time we turned around, the wind had shifted enough that we fought it all the way back.  Although I wasn't pulling the trailer, I know what its like.  You know how drag cars release a parachute at the end of the race to slow down, yeah!  After I got back to work I had to go out to a job site but all of the cars were taken so I pedaled over.  I did 25 miles yesterday in that wind.

Today we went rollerblading again on the Heritage Trail.  This time the wind was fierce.  We had a cross wind that made it really hard to handle the stroller.  I had Evie in the stroller on the way out and had a slight tailwind which helped me get up the hills but pushed the stroller all over the place.  Sarah took the stroller on the way back.  The wind really started to pick up and we had to work just to go downhill.  I hope its not windy tomorrow.


Sarah said...

I was waiting for a tornado to pick me up and just take me back to the car. I've never had to work so hard going DOWNHILL! But it was fun! Glad I married someone with a similar distorted sense of fun. :)

Russ said...

I didn't do anything today though. Winds were blowing at 20-30 mph during lunch.