Friday, June 24, 2011

The wait is over!

After checking out multiple bikes at the bike shops, pawn shops, and Craigslist, and trying out bikes that were either too small, too expensive or in a serious state of disrepair, I finally found the bike for me.  It's a Specialized FSR XC, fully suspended with 4" of float and only about 60 miles on it.  It came will all kinds of extras that I would have spent a small fortune on if bought new.  I got the whole package for less than the price of the Trek 6000 hard-tail that I had my eye on at the Spoke Shop.  Not bad!

Since Sarah had the camera out, she took a few shots of the new swing set.  I spent the last month building this monstrosity for the kids.  I hope they appreciate it.  I didn't really take a full month to build, it took a full month to get all the right parts from the manufacturer.  However, I did leave off a crucial step in the instructions, adhering the manufacturer's name plate to the swing arm.  Not after the mess they made for me.

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