Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bike Shopping

Sarah has told me to pick out a new mountain bike for Father's Day.  I should be excited.  I am just drained.  I shouldn't have to look for a new bike.  I mean, if I trashed my own bike I'd be upset and probably angry at myself but would be able to justify getting a new bike, especially after getting as much use out of it as I did.  But I'm struggling to replace a bike that just disappeared one day even though I'll probably never see it again. I'm out the $500 or so invested in my Trek 4300 and now have to buy a new bike.

Here's my dilemma.  I was perfectly happy with my situation before with a low end Trek mountain bike and a low end Trek road bike.  I figured I'd get into the sport, learn to maintain my own bikes, learn the components and eventually upgrade as I wore out my bikes.  I was hoping to upgrade my mountain bike to a fully suspended mountain bike and keep the old one for commuting and snow biking.  Now I don't have that option.  I have to either find a nice bike that I can afford and a junker to commute with or find a good deal on a bike similar to my Trek 4300.

I was soooo close to the perfect deal.  I found a used Trek 6500 for $150.  It was the right size and in good condition. I would have been back in a similar situation to what I was in before with my Trek 4300 and I was happy about it.  It was snatched up before I could even drive over to take a look. 

Tonight I went over to look at a fully suspended Trek Fuel 90.  It was a really nice bike that I thought I could pick up for about $800.  I liked it but it was too small and it didn't have some of the features I was looking for on a bike that expensive.

A new Trek Fuel EX will put me back $1,750 and I just can't spend that kind of money, even if I had it.  A new Trek $6000 is $860 and is similar to my Trek 4300 with better components and disk brakes.  It is not a fully suspended bike so I'm hesitant to jump into it.  A new Giant fully suspended bike runs around $1000 and it looks nice, but its a Giant and my brain is wired for Trek.  It's going to take a lot of convincing and maybe some brain washing to get me on a Giant bike.  And that is something I just don't understand.  As a teen and college student, I was completely obsessed with in-line skating to the point that I'd spend three hours a day on the blades if I could.  I've had a pair of Rollerblades, a pair of Roces, and two pairs of K2s.  I don't have a favorite brand there.  In fact, I hate my first pair of K2s and was so fed up that I decided I needed a new pair of skates and they were not going to be K2s.  Unfortunately the only decent pair of skates I could find in Billings freakin' Montana were K2s, hence the two pairs. I've owned three Fords, a Chevy, a Hundai, a Chrysler and an Isuzu.  I have no favorites with cars either even though its a major purchase.  I'd try any of those brands again except Isuzu (worst purchase ever) and would try many others.  So I don't understand my obsession with Trek.  I can't stand our only authorized Trek dealer in town either but I keep crawling back to them to buy bikes.  Ugggh!  

This shouldn't be so stressful.  The idea of buying a new bike should be exciting and enjoyable.  I'm hating every minute of it, yet I hate being without a mountain bike even more.

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