Monday, June 13, 2011

The Roadster

Without my trusty steed, I've had to start using my much neglected road bike again, but its been a pleasant experience.  Mike and I once compared our road bikes to Beamers and our mountain bikes to Jeeps.  Sure, the Jeep is fun to drive off road and even through the city, but that Beamer is a blast on the open road. 

Mike and I went on three morning rides last week and had a lot of fun.  Although we were tired and out of shape, we were able to get in close to 20 miles the first morning on hills and with a head wind.  We did one of our favorite rides up Hillcrest Road, well probably one of my favorite rides anyway.  Its climbing the entire way to the end of the road and all downhill on the way back.  Tons of fun but I think I cranked too hard and my knee still hurts nearly a week later.

The next morning was a cold one.  I was all decked out in my base layers but that does nothing for the rain.  Halfway through the ride, the rain hit hard thoroughly drenching us. We were still 6 miles from home and shivering.  It was a nice, relaxing ride.  I just wish I'd had my rain gear.  When I got home I dumped the water out of my shoes, wrung out my clothes and hopped in the tub to thaw out.  I froze all day long.

Friday morning was similar to the day before but not as wet.  My shoes were wet from the day before so I had to use my other shoes.  It was cold but nice.  I forgot how easy it is to ride the road bike.  Once you get going, very little effort is put into maintaining speed.  You are always working with a mountain bike with thick knobby tires.

The other thing I've enjoyed is my bike rack and bag.  I've been commuting to work with the road bike and its been nice to take off the backpack and use the bag.  I feel naked going too and from work now because I'm so used to the backpack but it is really nice to not have it.

That said, I'm anxious to get a mountain bike.  I love dinking around in the parks and trying to not kill myself on the technical stuff.  But with the river flooding, I'm guessing I won't see much of my favorite parks until the end of summer.

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