Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye Old Friend

I can't believe you are really gone.  I didn't think it would ever happen.  And to think I almost didn't take you with me to work today.  I had to drive the kids around to the babysitter's and the Boys and Girls Club, then run to the shop to drop the car off for repairs.  It was so easy to just throw you on the bike rack and go.  Maybe had I followed through with my plans to take you for a spin during lunch, you'd still be with me.  I just can't believe your gone.  We've been everywhere together.  Heck, you came to Idaho with me last week just so I could take you for a spin around the block with the kids.  We've been to Yellowstone and Northern Idaho together, to Utah and up to Red Lodge and the Beartooth Mountains.  And I'll never forget the fun we had just playing around in Two Moon Park, Riverfront Park and the Rims.  We had some good times together.  If I never get to see you again, I hope that jerk that stole you from right outside my building finds someone new for you to explore with, someone that will appreciate you as much as I did.  Its was a good run.  We almost had 5,000 miles together and I was really looking forward to sharing that moment with you.  Hopefully we do.  Here's to the good times we had together and the places we've seen.

Yeah, this was pretty cheesy and sappy, but I didn't really want to focus on how fuming angry I am that someone had the audacity to walk right up to the front door of my building in front of a huge window with 6 people working right there, clip my bike lock and walk away with my bike.  You know, its not even that nice of a bike, but its mine and I was hoping for another 5,000 miles out of it before I retired it! 

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AliJ said...

That's crumby! I'm so sorry.