Monday, June 7, 2010

I know better!

12 Miles 

We had a busy but non-productive weekend.  I wasn't able to put in any mileage or do any of the home projects that I had planned.  So, looking forward to a long lunch ride, this morning I got out the road bike to take to work.  The front tire was a really splashy so I pumped it up.  It had been almost a week since my last road ride so I figured I might have a slow leak and inflating the tire would hold until I got a chance to patch it.  WRONG!  I made it about 6 miles into the wind and up the hill when I noticed the tire was flat.  Not wanting to stop where I was, I finished the grade and looked for a good place to change the tire.  It's been awhile since I've changed that tire so it would not come off.  I struggled with it for awhile when finally, POP, the tire came loose and I was able to pull out the tube.  As I worked, I watched a curious mule deer graze the hill, stopping occasionally to watch me as it slowly worked its way toward me.  I finally found both holes and was able to patch them up, pop the tire back on and give it enough air to get me back to the office.  When I finally mounted the bike again, I looked down at the clock.  1:00 PM!!!  That took way to long.  I booked it down the hill, leary of my patch job, and fought the wind again all the way into town.  I walked in sheepishly 15 minutes late, still needing to clean up and change.  And I hardly have any mileage to show for it.

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