Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bambi and Flower

10 Miles
Two Moon Park

My back was really stiffening up and aching today so I was really itching to get out of the office and loosen it up.  I took off to Two Moon Park at noon and traveled deep into the park where I usually can ride without running into other people.  Of course, I flushed up a deer on the way, one of the same ones from two days ago.  I ran into that deer three times today and each time it took off in a panic.  As I encountered her the second time and watched her flee, I saw a flash of black directly infront of me.  I quickly focused on the black blur and saw the rear end of a skunk with tail raise high.  I tell you, I thought I was going fast before but I really hit the gas when I saw that tail raise just a couple of feet from my leg.

While I was on the trail, crusing along deep in the park where I rarely see people, a small boy on a bike appeared before me.  I quickly hit the brakes and pulled to the side knowing that he wouldn't be alone.  Seconds later Dad, even younger sister, and Mom passed by.  How cool is that?  Mountain biking as a family.  I don't think these kids were any older than Sydney and Tara.  We'll have to get Evie on a bike as soon as she can walk.

After the family passed, I moved on and stayed on the other side of the park to stay out of their way.  I'd hate to accidentally plow over an 8 year old, especially one cool enough to mountain bike Two Moon Park.  I finished my ride and started the steep ascent up the switchbacks back to the paved trail at the top of the park.  Huffing and puffing, I finally crested to see Mom and sister in the parking lot.  Up ahead Dad and brother were mounted on their bikes on the paved trail waiting for the other two.  Those are some dang tough little kids.  I am thouroughly impressed!

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