Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feel the Burn

13 Miles

Today I felt ambitious, or antsy because my favorite trails are flooded, so I took the rims trail between 27th Street and Zimmerman trail.  Mike and I can do the whole loop in under an hour but that's starting from the trail head and not my office.  Because of this, I've never tried that trail during a lunch break.  But like I said, my trails are flooded and the other rims trail was more than I wanted to deal with today. 

I pumped the pedals up the hill almost to the top of 27th Street and finally cut over to the trail.  Usually we take a short breather to gather ourselves after that climb but I didn't have the luxory of time so I kept going.  I could feel my legs burning almost immediately.  I anxiously watched the clock until I reached the point where I felt I was committed to the ride and it would take longer to turn around and go back than it would to finish the trail and crank back on the street.  I had a great time.  I discovered that I am a little more sore than I thought I was from this weekend's rides in Norther Idaho (to be posted soon).  The bumpy rock surface of the rims rattled me to the core and I could feel my wrists, forearms, knees and thighs tightening up.  It was quite the work out for a lunch hour.  I made it back in just over an hour of ride time, longer than I wanted to take but pretty good considering the terrain and distance.

Now I'm pooped and my legs are rubber.  At least my mind has been refreshed and ready for another 4 hours of work.

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