Monday, November 16, 2009

Free at last!

9 miles
45 degrees

The last several days have been full of hectic project deadlines and frigid temperatures. I missed my rides towards the end of the week because I had to work through lunch and put in about 12+ hours of work each day to finish a couple projects. This weekend would have been nice for a ride but it was cold and I had projects at home to do. Today's ride was especially nice because it meant that my projects were done, at least to the point that I could go for a ride. The weather wasn't too bad either.

Today I went back to Two Moon Park after a two week hiatus while exploring other places. I was a little worried about it because of the snow that we had this weekend. I thought the bridges might be iced over or the trail might be really muddy. Luckily it wasn't too icy or muddy, just enough that I had to pay closer attention to the trail and go a little slower. I had a good time and somehow found a new trail. I thought I'd ridden them all but I was wrong. I rode around for awhile having a great time, then looked down at the clock and decided I'd better head back. That's the problem with noon rides, I feel like I just barely get to my destination and then have to turn around. It's always rushed. Change clothes, a 15 minute ride out, 20 minutes of play, and a 15 minutes ride back, and shower and get dressed. Seems like a lot for just 20 minutes but I enjoy the ride out and back as well.

No ride tomorrow :( I'm on the road for a job in Great Falls. I'll have to make up for it on Wednesday.

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