Saturday, November 7, 2009

30 miles
52 degrees

I finally made it back out for a Saturday ride. I love Saturday rides because I can go far enough to really get out of the city. Today I went up Blue Creek Road to the top where it turns and drops into the valley on the other side. Besides a few deer at 2 Moon Park, I haven't seen any wildlife on my rides for weeks. Today I saw a dozen deer, a red tailed hawk perched in a tree and a peregrine falcon perched on a fence post. (Or at least I think it was a peregrine falcon but it was only about 25 feet away.

As I trucked along, it started getting cooler and cooler, especially in the shade. After yesterday's 70 degree ride, I didn't even prepare for colder temperatures. Flying down hills at 40 mph with just shorts and a jersey can get pretty cold.

It was a fun ride but as I stepped off the bike when I got home I realized that my legs wouldn't work. I hobbled into the house and have been taking it easy since. Maybe riding, running, and spin class is a little too much. I'll give my legs a break tomorrow.

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