Monday, November 30, 2009

Feel the burn!

7.75 miles
45 degrees
26 mph winds

It took some coaxing (body said no but mind wouldn't give up) but I finally decided to leave the office and go for a ride today.  I've been tired so I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it.  I tried to meet up with Mike, who's been doggin' me but said he'd ride today.  When I got to our meeting spot, neither he nor his truck were there.  I left and since I was already pointed in the right direction, I rode up the hill, up 27th Street into the wind.  Probably not the best decision for someone who was tired to begin with.  I crancked it up the hill and wouldn't allow myself to slow down.  My thighs started burning but I wasn't about to quit.  I finally made it to the top, exhausted and out of breath.   I don't remember much of the rest of the ride except for a few mistakes that put me in compromising positions that I didn't enjoy to much.  I didn't go down though.  I think I was on autopilot and my mind just shut down as I rode.  I probably should have paid more attention.  I think I'm doing an easier ride tomorrow like Two Moon Park.

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