Saturday, February 6, 2010

Skull Cap

Since I commute to work all through the winter, I've had to find ways to keep myself warm, but not too warm so I don't get to work all sweaty, and my gear must still allow movement.  I've found gloves that work to about 10 degrees and let me shift and brake pretty easily.  I'm still looking for good gloves for colder weather but I've managed so far.  I've also found a ski-mask that I use only in frigid temperatures and snow pants that I can slip on over my other pants.  However, I have been looking all over for a nice cap that will keep my head warm but still fit underneath my bicycle helmet.  After months of frustration and one bad purchase, Sarah offered to make one for me.  She used a thin knit fabric for the outside shell and a thick fleece liner to keep my ears warm.  Then, so I could tell where the front is, she stitched a bicycle on the front.  Very cool!  (or warm)  Thank you Sarah.

1 comment:

AliJ said...

Like the hat and the bike emblem. Really like the crossed eyes. It makes you look so smart!!!?