Monday, December 7, 2009


I usually don't comment on my ride to or from work unless it is an exceptional ride.  This morning was exceptionaly cold.
-7 degrees
My first sub-zero ride of the season but definately not my last.  I am rather surprised that its started this early in the season.  Come January, sub-zero rides will become mundane although I'll still look forward to the occasional break in the weather when it peaks above 20 degrees.  But for now, I'm still wishing it were 50 degrees. 

It was quite the ordeal getting ready for work this morning.  On top of taking the kids to the bus stop at 7:15 then coming back home to make my lunch, eat breakfast, and gather my stuff scattered around the house from this weekend, I had to prepare for a winter ride.  I dug out the ski mask and donned my new water-proof pants and high-top work boots.  Then I threw on my coat, gloves, and somehow squeezed my helmet on over the ski mask.  Then I was off to fight the hardpack snow and the cold.  My breathe fogged up my glasses which then froze in the cold.  I had to take them off and rub the ice off at one point.  I really couldn't see much the whole way to work.  I just trusted that everyone else saw this idiot on a bicycle and gave me plenty of room, and they did.  I stayed relatively warm except for the opening in the ski mask.  My cheeks and forehead stung with the cold all the way to work.  Although I couldn't see through my glasses, I didn't dare take them off because I knew how bad that cold wind would sting my already sensitive eyes. 

I survived my ride in and get to look forward to doing it all over again tonight!

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AliJ said...

You are one brave amigo! Me, I'm a hibernator!