Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nothing like a brisk morning ride to wake you up!

7.5 miles

Ok, so I didn't really go out for a joy ride this morning but I did get on the bike and pedal more than my usual 3 mile commute to and from work.  I was asked to help out with the Cub Scout Construction City issuing utility permits for their cardboard castles that they built later in the afternoon.  I didn't want to stick Sarah at home without a car all day so I rode out to the event, although she didn't leave the house while I was gone.

The riding wasn't too bad today.  It was warmer than it has been all week, somewhere between 25 and 30 degrees, which just means I wasn't risking frostbite.  The only difficult part of the ride was that the snow pack started to loosen up in the afternoon and turn into mashed potatoes on the road, a really dry, slushy mess.  When your front tire hits that stuff there is no telling where your bike will go.  You just hold on and hope you can ride it out.  I made it back without incident so it was a successful ride in my book.

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