Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hill Climbing

33 Miles

 I went for a road ride yesterday to Pictograph Caves State Park.  It's a nice ride with about 400 feet of climb in about 3 miles going one direction and 1.5 miles in the other.  It would be kind of boring to watch me huffing and puffing as I muscle myself up the hills so I wasn't going to bring my helmet camera but then I thought it would be cool to record the down hill parts of the ride.  I was hoping to video myself going 45 miles per hour.  I just barely missed it on the way to Pictograph Caves but I nailed it on the way back.  I apologize for the video quality.  I'll work on aiming the camera a little better next time.  The mount position is fine for mountain biking because I'm sitting more upright but on a road bike I'm bent forward and facing further down.  I don't see as much of the scenery in that position either (especially when holding on for dear life at 40 mph).

Pictograph Cave
I believe this is called Ghost Cave
I hit the brakes too hard at the bottom of the hill and wore the tread off of an already distressed tire.  Atleast I already bought replacement tires.  I put them on today.

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