Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'll admit that I've been a bum lately and haven't done much biking (besides commuting) since my camp/touring experience.  That was largely due to the fact that I slit one of my road bike tires and my mountain bike tires were looking pretty bald.  It was also probably because its freekin' cold here and the weather has been just crappy.

After my camping/touring trip, I went nuts on the internet and finally found a set of tires for my road bike and my mountain bike.  Even though I've had the tires for a few weeks now, I hadn't installed them, mostly because its a hassle and I hadn't found time to do it.  So I let them sit in the garage for the opportune time, likely at the first snow fall when I'd switch to my studded tires anyway.  What?  Studded tires?  You heard me correctly, studded bike tires.
Anyway, the other day I walked out my office building to find a flat tire.  I started to pump it up hoping that it was a slow leak and I could get enough air in it to get me home.  No such luck, I found a 2" long 8d nail fully embedded in the tire.  I quickly patched the tube but while doing so, I realized how bald my back tire really was.  I'd die on the snow if I ever got stuck without my studded tires so I rode home and swapped my back tire for an old tire that matches the front tire.  (I'll save my new tires for the spring).  I swapped rear tires on the mountain bike and since I was already rolling, I swapped out the road bike tires for the new ones.  They look pretty slick with white stripes running along the tread.  I even fixed the flat on the trailer.

Now I was all set to ride again and wouldn't you know it, it snowed all Thursday night.  Friday morning I again swapped tires on the road bike to put on my studded tires.  I actually have spare rims for the studded tires so it wasn't too bad.  Besides the cold, I loved my ride in to work.  Those tires grabbed the road and I didn't slip at all.  My bad elbow is already thanking me.  It will be a long winter and I'm glad to have those babies to make it a little safer and more enjoyable.

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