Monday, July 12, 2010


13 Miles
This morning Mike and I set off for our first morning ride of the summer.  I could barely crack my eyes open and tried desperately to wake my legs up before I met up with Mike.  I started to wake up as we rode out to Two Moon Park.  I definitely woke up once we got there.  It either rained last night or we had a really heavy dew.  Everything was soaked including the tall grass next to the trail.  The grass was weighted down by the water and laid down over the trail making it difficult to follow.  I felt like I was taking a cold shower first thing in the morning.  The grass was so wet that I actually had water sloshing around in my shoes before too long.  The trail was muddy too, and I mean muddy.  I had to gear down to get through a 30 foot mud puddle without dipping my foot.  Every time we stopped Mike complained about the mosquitoes and urged me to "Keep Moving!."  Definitely an interesting ride for the middle of July.

On the way to Two Moon Park I turned over 4,000 miles on my mountain bike.  I've had this bike for just over 3 years and it has really taken a beating.  In 3 years and 4,000 miles I have replaced the following components:
(2) Chains
(1) Rear Cassette - I completely broke an entire cog off the cassette.
(1) Crank Set (crank arms and front cogs) - I stripped the pedal out of the crank arm on a hard landing
(2) Saddles - One because of preference, one because of the hard landing mentioned above
(1) Rear rim - I need to true it up or replace it again
(2) Spokes
(2) Set of pedals -Purely because of my own preferences
(3) Water bottle cages
(1) Set of tires
(1) Set of brake pads
(3-4) Tune-ups and several repairs
(?) Tubes and Patch kits - I lost track long ago

Added Accessories:
Front and Rear Fenders
Front and Rear bike lights
Bike Computer (spedometer)
(2) Water Bottle Cages
Frame Pump
Saddle Bag
Set of studded snow tires with rims

I'm scared to add a dollar value to everything I've done to the bike.  It might have been cheaper to buy a new bike.


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