Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frost Bite - Almost

It's been awhile, I know.  I have remained dedicated to my bicycle commuting throughout the last several cold and snowy weeks but I haven't been out for any joy rides.  We have all been sick and the roads have been a mess, plus I have started other projects at home that require my attention. 

Anyway, Sarah got me a digital thermometer for Christmas that tells me indoor and outdoor temperatures.  It's been nice because I can look at it and know how to dress for my ride into work.  Today I looked and it said 9 degrees.  Based on past experience, I know that about 10 degrees is the threshold where I really need to gear up with thicker gloves, ski mask, wool socks, scarf, heavy ski coat and maybe even thermals, but it is such a hassle to get all suited up.  I figured that 9 degrees was close enough and that I'd be fine with my lighter gloves and no mask, thermals or wool socks.  I still had the scarf, which I pulled up over my face, and my ski coat but with all of the sloppy snow on the roads it took me about 10 minutes longer to get to work.  (In the summer I can get to work in about 5 minutes with all green lights and no train.)  With that extra time on the bike, my fingers and toes started to get numb.  I pulled my scarf up over my face which left a small part of my neck exposed, and it burned with the cold.  When I got to work I was really scared of frostbite, but even more scared that I might have to ask for help getting my helmet off because my fingers wouldn't work.  How humiliating. 

But it didn't happen.  I got to work just before any real freeze had set in.  I was able to fumble with my helmet until I finally got it off and I've been sitting infront of my space heater for an hour.  I have finally thawed out.  Guess I should be more careful next time.

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